Bar Services

“Our mixologists and our sommeliers love what they do, each cocktail is crafted with, or wine selected to, create the drama of big, complex flavours in every sip”

Stirred beverage co.

Fitzers Catering provide a complete beverage solution for any event. Our bar services cater for events all over ireland. Our dedicated team of sommeliers and mixologists in our beverage department are always at the cutting edge bringing the latest in trend and innovative beverage solutions to the irish market.

Fitzers Catering Bar Services takes the full list of components that makes any bar experience work and puts them all under one roof. Design playing an important part in the overall experience; luxury is the name of the game here and our menus of select fine wines, signature cocktails and craft beers, tips their hat to the contemporary saloon. Still it’s a fairly simple, stylish set up where the drinks do the talking.

A haven of high-quality drinks that is, and a temple to cocktails; the mix of drinks flirts favourably between classics and modern twists, historic and contemporary. Our Bar Services create a lively spot merging luxury libations with excellent eats and a good-time vibe, where Food and cocktail pairing is an integral part of the offer at this bar.

The great drinks made by a great team reflect this; our super-talented bartenders are regarded as craftsmen recreating a refuge for the discerning drinker where some serious cocktails await as a reward. This is a bar service for the people who enjoy pairing good food and wine, where also cocktail aficionados mix happily with lovers of good craft beer, we try to capture the mood of an easy-going venue. Not only do the drinks exude excellence,

Outdoor events & bar design

Fitzers Catering offer complete Bar Design beverage solutions from refrigeration, draft services, layout and optimal design. So, from a vintage Citroen van customised as a mobile speak easy, or a prosecco wagon, to quirky bar concepts or a full scale marquis event to outdoor festivals, we have a bar solution for you!

Services Include

Fast beer pour solutions

We have experience in using this system effectively, and it maximises staff efficiently on high demand, high intensity service periods.


With this service, we bring the bar to you! Through the co-operation of our suppliers our hawkers offer mobile solutions including beer, wine and ‘mixed in the can spirits’ to ensure your guests do not have to queue at a bar..

Express ordering

This Express Order System, successful at stadiums and outdoor events, means customers can order drinks in advance of an interval. It’s a theatre style system that allows customers to avoid half-time or interval rush.

bottle bars

Bottle Bars, including wine, beer, and pre-mixed spirits, offer a speedy and convenient beverage service solution and are particularly useful for outdoor events.