Sustainability Policy Statement


Our Mission is to deliver excellent catering experiences both for our customers and our venues by listening to their requirements and ensuring that the highest quality is delivered with integrity and outstanding service. We wish to enhance and grow our reputation as a leading provider of innovative and contemporary catering by delivering exceptional products to all customers and events. We are committed to bringing out the best in our people through effective training and meaningful personal development, career paths and by encouraging a culture of individuality and creativity. Fitzers Catering originated in Ireland, and we pride ourselves on consistently providing gourmet, high quality food for our clients. We also offer a beverage and event management service for a complete event solution. We are an award-winning catering company, and our aim is to continue to be Ireland’s best event catering and management company and to maintain the best standards in all the services we provide. Our legacy is to offer an inspired sustainable solution to any event and to ensure we not only meet but continue to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We will work with all our clients and stakeholders throughout the entire event cycle to ensure we can deliver the most economically, socially, and environmentally friendly events. We achieved the ISO 20121 standard for Event Sustainability Management in 2013 and have successfully maintained this standard for 9 years adding new venues to our scope


The Fitzers Catering management team are committed to the adoption and promotion of our sustainability principles across all our business activities. We are dedicated to minimising our negative impacts and promoting our positive impacts. We recognise our main principles as, leadership, awareness, inclusivity, communication, legal obligations, integrity, community impact and continual improvement. We will align ourselves with Levy UK & Ireland’s sustainability goals and objectives including to achieve net zero by 2027.

We aim to share, promote, and communicate our learning’s so other stakeholders can benefit. We also intend to share relevant environmental, social, and economic procedures with customers, staff, contractors, and suppliers and consult key stakeholders on matters of sustainability.

We shall also adopt the policies and procedures of our partner and other venues and ensure they are aware and where possible assist us with our sustainability policies and procedures. We will continue to train staff to ensure they contribute to the premium quality service we offer and ensure they are provided with the knowledge, ability and comfort required to deliver their role. Fitzers Catering will also fulfil the obligation to staff to treat them with fairness, equality, and respect.

Fitzers Catering work with local community groups and employ members of the local community as part of our workforce and we also source Irish produce where possible and take great care to examine the nutritional values of our food. We also place great emphasis on knowing and understanding where our products have come from.

Sustainable objectives and targets will be set to monitor progress and ensure continual improvement in all areas and to assist us to demonstrate leadership in the area sustainability. We will also comply with all legal and regulatory environmental, financial, and social obligations.

Contractors and Supply partners will be made aware of the Fitzers Catering sustainability policy, and their obligations to support and contribute to this policy. Compliance with this policy will be regularly evaluated by the Sustainability Management Group and non-compliances reported to members of the central management team.

The key to maintaining a successful sustainability management system involves our legacy of a “One Team” approach throughout the entire organisation.

Barry Storey

Managing Director

Fitzers Catering POWERED by Levy